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Analysis of a Classroom Interaction

Analysis of a classroom interaction

Within the field of education and language teaching over the last few years a distinct shift has taken place, resulting in many classroom interactions placing less emphasis on teachers and teaching and greater emphasis on learners and learning styles. This ‘learner-centred’ approach to education and ESL programs can be seen in many schools and language centres – indeed it is central to the approach taken at the school in question which will be used as the basis of the following classroom interaction study.

Motivate Your Pupil: The First Task at Hand for a Good Tutor

Hiring the services of private tutors for your son or daughter will definitely benefit them in the long run. Studies have shown that students who go for private tuition exhibit a better performance at school. This is because this one to one teaching mode is perfectly fine tuned to the understanding of the students. Moreover, there are pupils who find learning difficult in bigger groups in a classroom setting. Such private cases can help them learn better with individual attention.

Guidelines to be a Good Tutor

It is essential to ensure that every child ifs given the necessary support regardess his/her social background in terms of education and other co-curricular activities. It is here that one to one private tuition becomes significant. It delivers additional support to the pupils who are not able to achieve their potential with classroom teaching. This is because the level of support required varies from child to child. Some needs to be coached in smaller groups or individually to make the progress needed to achieve their full potential.

Are Extra-Curriculars Still Really "Extra"?

Universities are looking at more than grades alone in their student selection processes. Although newspapers frequently decry the state of schools today, the reality is that more schools in more countries are educating more children, frequently to a higher standard than ever before. More students are also going to college.

Advanced ESL Students Can Drastically Increase English Fluency Watching Television Programs

If you have been studying English for a while you are probably pretty serious about really getting the language down.  You have taken ESL classes and you most likely practice English at home with books and maybe even tapes.  The television is a great tool for English language learners too.  If done correctly, I think the TV can increase your English fluency drastically.


Homework: What To Do When Students DON'T Do It

There is a form on my website where I ask people to tell me their greatest concerns/challenges regarding homework.   It is probably no surprise that a significant number of teachers have responded with comments like this:

"No motivation."
"Students don’t do it."

If you are like me, then you probably don’t have fond memories of homework yourself, but you likely did it. 

It was not because you liked it. 

ESL English Listening Comprehension Activity for the Classroom

An ESL teacher always needs to get his students speaking and listening to English.  As we all know, our students many times don’t hear English outside of class.  Many immigrants work and live with people who don’t speak English.   Classroom activities that challenge a student’s listening and speaking skills are essential.  You need to find activities that are fun and not intimidating so even the shy and reserved students will get on board.  Try the following activity to get your students interacting and practicing Englis