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Guidelines to be a Good Tutor

It is essential to ensure that every child ifs given the necessary support regardess his/her social background in terms of education and other co-curricular activities. It is here that one to one private tuition becomes significant. It delivers additional support to the pupils who are not able to achieve their potential with classroom teaching. This is because the level of support required varies from child to child. Some needs to be coached in smaller groups or individually to make the progress needed to achieve their full potential.

Are Extra-Curriculars Still Really "Extra"?

Universities are looking at more than grades alone in their student selection processes. Although newspapers frequently decry the state of schools today, the reality is that more schools in more countries are educating more children, frequently to a higher standard than ever before. More students are also going to college.

Gifted and learning disabled: Students who are twice exceptional

Parents may suspect that their child is gifted, yet be baffled when their smart child has difficulty learning in certain areas. Some intellectually gifted students also have special learning needs such as a learning disability. Gifted students may also have other special educational needs such as auditory processing problems, dyslexia, ADHD or emotional problems.

Effective reading comprehension techniques: F.A.C.T. Mnemonic

A mnemonic, (pronounced ni-mon’-ik) is a device used as a memory aid.

The F.A.C.T. mnemonic helps students organize and remember important comprehension strategies. The letters in F.A.C.T. stand for effective, research supported strategies that support comprehension:  Focus, Ask questions, Connect, and Turn on the visuals.


Automaticity is a Myth

Whole Word Presupposes An Impossiblity Called Automaticity

Summary: Sight Words, Dolch Words, Whole Word, Balanced Literacy--all the methods that start by having children memorize word-shapes--assume that it is possible for average children to recognize (and name) many hundreds of words by their shapes. Children must do this quickly, even instantly--an ability that is called automaticity. This ability is praised and promoted on hundreds of websites and in thousands of schools. It's routinely said that children "must" achieve automaticity.