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It Will Take A Teacher

     “For 31 years I have stood in front of a classroom and looked into children’s faces. From that perspective I see what they sometimes fail to see – potential. A lot of students don’t see their own potential because they are blinded by their faults. The greatest role of a teacher is to reflect back to students the light you see in their eyes.”

Approaches to Debating Current Issues: The Cross Examination Debate Format

     Debating current issues is a great way to develop a student’s critical thinking skills and maximize student participation in the classroom.  Successful debates involve the selection of audience centered topics.  In preparation for the debates students utilize research from library databases and the internet.  On the day of the debate students should bring copies of research, notes, and speech outlines.  

Extended School Day and what it could mean for students and parents

There is push in the UK for all schools to offer an extended school day by 2012. This follows evidence from the United States where extending the school day to 10 hours has provided dramatic results. Some underprivileged schools there have managed to increase the percentage of their students going on to college from 10% to 80%. It is hoped that an extended school day will have similarly dramatic results in the UK.

Warning: Constructivism Wants YOU

Parents need to know about Constructivism. Coming soon to a school near you. Be afraid.  

Teachers need to think about this thing, coming soon to change your professional life, probably for the worse. (Instead of teaching, you’ll be facilitating. You’ll be asking students about their prior knowledge, presumably minimal. Won’t that be fun?) 

Analysis of a Classroom Interaction

Analysis of a classroom interaction

Within the field of education and language teaching over the last few years a distinct shift has taken place, resulting in many classroom interactions placing less emphasis on teachers and teaching and greater emphasis on learners and learning styles. This ‘learner-centred’ approach to education and ESL programs can be seen in many schools and language centres – indeed it is central to the approach taken at the school in question which will be used as the basis of the following classroom interaction study.

Motivate Your Pupil: The First Task at Hand for a Good Tutor

Hiring the services of private tutors for your son or daughter will definitely benefit them in the long run. Studies have shown that students who go for private tuition exhibit a better performance at school. This is because this one to one teaching mode is perfectly fine tuned to the understanding of the students. Moreover, there are pupils who find learning difficult in bigger groups in a classroom setting. Such private cases can help them learn better with individual attention.

Are Extra-Curriculars Still Really "Extra"?

Universities are looking at more than grades alone in their student selection processes. Although newspapers frequently decry the state of schools today, the reality is that more schools in more countries are educating more children, frequently to a higher standard than ever before. More students are also going to college.