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by Bruce Deitrick Price posted 5 years 5 months ago to Essays on Teaching

Two years ago producer Robert Compton put out 2 Million Minutes. a documentary about high school students in China, India and the US. The basic idea was that the foreign kids master their subjects, sacrifice to excel, and will out-produce us forever. Meanwhile, the American kids are lazy, never pushed to achieve real mastery, coddled by constant praise and inflated grades, more concerned with... continue reading

by aciment posted 5 years 5 months ago to Standardized Testing

Recently, students across the country took the Advanced Placement English Literature exam. This three hour test, which grants college credit to qualifying students, is the culmination of a year of intense study and preparation in a high level class. On this year’s exam, students were asked to write an essay in response to the following quote: "Exile is strangely compelling to think about... continue reading

by edthroughengage posted 5 years 5 months ago to School Improvement

    Race To Nowhere is an excellent description of the standardized testing movement. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, increased the role of the federal government in public education and also expanded the role of standardized testing. This morning, I had a conversation with another educator who was ending a California State Testing week. The dedication of this teacher is... continue reading

by klmiller posted 5 years 5 months ago to Special Education

Personal qualities that support academic successStudents who have the following personal qualities are much more likely to thrive in college.   Self-awareness and self-acceptanceProactivity as opposed to reactivityPerseveranceSkill in setting short and long-range goalsUse of effective support systemsStrong emotional coping strategiesUnderstanding a student’s rights in... continue reading

by klmiller posted 5 years 5 months ago to Special Education

Children with special needs have experienced more frustration and academic failure than most other children. Yet, some of them become successful college students who graduate with a specialty in a chosen field. Sadly, most do not. Only about 57 percent of students with disabilities graduate from high school, and only about 10 to 15 percent of those graduating attend college. What are some reasons... continue reading

by shortie298 posted 5 years 6 months ago to School Improvement

Theory on Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum and instruction go hand in hand when it comes to meeting standards. Without a strong curriculum, instruction becomes lost and weak. Curriculum guides instruction and without curriculum there is no instruction. My theory is based on research and classroom experience as a teacher. The foundation for building a curriculum comes from having a strong,... continue reading

by shortie298 posted 5 years 6 months ago to Standardized Testing

When people across the world hear or think of America, they think of endless opportunities, bustling business men/women and topnotch schools and universities. Although America may have businessmen and women and endless opportunities, our schools and students have been suffering to make the grade all across the country. In 1983, an Education Reform was created to help create structure for students... continue reading

by Hoenig posted 5 years 6 months ago to School Improvement

Teachers’ Union Complicit in Union Busting?Myles HoenigThe ‘union’ in question is the Prince George’s County Education Association in Maryland. That might be a stretch but it does support the overall philosophy of the Obama/Duncan administration regarding education. That is clearly one of privatization of public schools, union busting and merit pay, which is often the... continue reading

by Bruce Deitrick Price posted 5 years 6 months ago to School Improvement

Years ago I wrote a sci-fi story in which disease wiped out the thousands of people living in a huge space station. All the technology continued on auto-pilot; sensors, missiles, and robots perfectly defended the space station. Humans approaching the station were attacked as enemy invaders.    The station became a type of doomsday machine. All the inhabitants had been killed. New... continue reading

by robertde posted 5 years 6 months ago to Essays on Teaching

  NEUROCHEMISTRY IN THE CLASSROOM   by Robert DePaolo Abstract This article discusses the relevance of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine to learning, memory and attention as well as the pros and cons of orchestrating its release in the classroom   The terms adrenaline and noradrenaline (also known as epinephrine and norepinephrine respectively) are familiar to most people. Often... continue reading