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Spring Your DYSLEXIC Child from the Reading Trap the EASY Way!
Posted 2 weeks 8 hours ago to Homeschooling

        Having been involved with the Home Schooling Movement since 1985, I recall that the initial reason parents rescued their children from public schools was because their children weren’t learning to read. They scoffed at the term “dyslexia” and attributed reading failure to ineffective reading methods - specifically, the lack of teaching... continue reading

Posted 3 weeks 3 days ago to Essays on Teaching

I have been teaching college success courses for many years to both at-risk students who are taking developmental courses and to students who are beyond the need for developmental or remedial courses. There are some basics or fundamentals which enhance success in high school and college. Here is my list of ten important steps to avoid failure and to achieve success in school:Be in class. ... continue reading

Playing Games With Recess
Posted 3 weeks 5 days ago to Classroom Management

[Summary:  Children need exercise to do well in school. Revealingly, our Education Establishment found many excuses for eliminating recess.] Education in America will make you crazy. There is hardly a part of it that is not corrupted by ideology and contaminated by sophistical thinking. What could be simpler to understand than recess? When you’re talking about... continue reading

Posted 1 month 5 days ago to ESL

The state of English language teaching (and teaching content and electives overall) is going through a serious, almost radical, transformation.  Long gone are the days where union chapters, building reps and others who represent a teaching staff have the backing of their affiliate or parent union for support.  No more do we see teachers of all areas praised for working miracles with... continue reading

Posted 1 month 5 days ago to Character Education

Your life will pass by quickly. Ask your self important questions such as:What do I really want to do with my short and precious life?Are my actions taking me there?If not, what actions do I need to take to get on track?Ask yourself how you can use your best and favorite talents to make a positive difference for others while working in a career that you feel matters. Then educate yourself and... continue reading

Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago to Character Education

In a society where from the onset we scaffold children with praise and reward whether they have had success or not, we have skewed the meaning of accomplishment. We are not teaching them about the effort it takes to be triumphant. We are not nurturing the character strengths needed to be successful in all areas of their lives, not just education. Character is essential to the way in which we deal... continue reading

Posted 3 months 3 weeks ago to Social Skills

Enhancing Cultural AwarenessAnn Mitchell, Ed.D.Young children have a natural curiosity about self and surroundings that motivates exploration.  The educational environment, therefore, should be one that provides the child numerous and varied opportunities to explore, question and discover. The teacher, as the individual ultimately responsible for establishing and maintaining... continue reading

The War on Teachers
Posted 3 months 3 weeks ago to School Improvement

The stats leave no doubt. There is huge dissatisfaction among teachers. The turnover rate is very high. We need to answer the obvious question, why don’t principals and administrators take better care of their teachers? The most recent MetLife Survey revealed: “Teacher Dissatisfaction At An All-Time High.” The NEA Today website continues: “Teacher job satisfaction has... continue reading

Posted 4 months 5 hours ago to Writing

I thought my second grade educator was a heavenly attendant. She had long, sandy blonde hair and a grin for everybody. What's more, she had the best name we had ever heard: Miss Jendulana (maintained "Jen"). We knew enough about letters to think, what is that "Jen" doing there?In her classroom, dialect was a puzzle and a delight. It could help us find our past, her name... continue reading

Posted 4 months 1 week ago to Alternate Education

My daughter has been studying in Candor International for two years and we have seen her change, from being a withdrawn girl to a more confident one. It makes me so happy as a father as she wasn’t always so confident and struggled with major issues from the time she turned eight.  She was always a quiet and shy child but was good in studies and though she took long to make friends,... continue reading