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What Every Young Person Should Know

Your life will pass by quickly. Ask your self important questions such as:

  1. What do I really want to do with my short and precious life?
  2. Are my actions taking me there?
  3. If not, what actions do I need to take to get on track?

Ask yourself how you can use your best and favorite talents to make a positive difference for others while working in a career that you feel matters. Then educate yourself and improve your intelligence, skills and perception so that you are qualified to work in your field of interest.


Nurturing Character in Schools

In a society where from the onset we scaffold children with praise and reward whether they have had success or not, we have skewed the meaning of accomplishment. We are not teaching them about the effort it takes to be triumphant. We are not nurturing the character strengths needed to be successful in all areas of their lives, not just education. Character is essential to the way in which we deal with situations that occur in our lives. It identifies whether we easily give up in challenging situations, or whether we plough through head first. Character defines us, and how we approach life.

Enhancing Cultural Awareness

Enhancing Cultural Awareness

Ann Mitchell, Ed.D.

Young children have a natural curiosity about self and surroundings that motivates

exploration.  The educational environment, therefore, should be one that provides the

child numerous and varied opportunities to explore, question and discover. The teacher,

as the individual ultimately responsible for establishing and maintaining an educational

environment that: 1.) promotes self-awareness; 2.) encourages positive, caring

Watching my daughter transform with Candor!

My daughter has been studying in Candor International for two years and we have seen her change, from being a withdrawn girl to a more confident one. It makes me so happy as a father as she wasn’t always so confident and struggled with major issues from the time she turned eight.  She was always a quiet and shy child but was good in studies and though she took long to make friends, when she did she cherished her friends and was so generous with them.  We were living in Chennai then and she was studying in a pretty famous school.

Common Core Standards: Focusing on the “How” to Help Student Learning

Common Core Standards: Focusing on the “How” to Help Student Learning

Over the last two years, Heritage Elementary School has been able to create a laser-like focus that enables student achievement while protecting teacher autonomy in the classroom. In a time when high-stakes testing and accountability overwhelm new and veteran teachers alike, we want to empower teachers to feel confident in their abilities.

Even with the shift to Common Core standards, we have been able to increase student growth and proficiency by providing teacher training and programs that allow them to answer DuFour’s 4 Essential Questions:

Who will speak for the children?

  Not taught much, not learning much. (stayhealthy4you)

When children are not learning, where can parents look for answers? Who will tell the truth?


 The experts, you say? The same people, you mean, who shaped and controlled the schools where these kids aren’t learning? These experts do not inspire confidence. There are too many signs of failure and dysfunction. It’s as if we glanced into the kitchen of a restaurant and saw insects scurrying on counters. No matter how fancy the decor, we would be suspicious.